Heba-Eye Cancer Survivor

Heba-Eye Cancer Survivor

Heba is a 19 years old cancer patient so called a cancer “survivor” her medical case is one of a kind in Jordan, she has lost both of her eyes due to the furious battle of cancer. Heba fought a noble fight and learned BRAILLE language, proceeded with her education and now she is in Tawjihi level.

Under My Olive Tree in cooperation with the local society is trying to support Heba and provide her with the essentials in order to pass Tawjihi and overtake day to day obstacles.

For the time being around 200jds are needed to cover fees of an Arabic teacher, the classes start this April. However if you think you can assist Heba passing the Arabic course. Contact UMOT so this can be arranged.

From our side we’re also considering providing her with a customized cellphone that might make her life easier a notch!

Contact us if you think you can give a helping hand regarding this humanitarian case. Under My Olive Tree has all the required documents and contact info. support and reach out a helping hand.

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