Hamza needs an airplane ticket!

Hamza is a 19 year old from Baqa3 Refugee Camp. He is a 1st year student at Jordan University for Science and Technology. Hamza is a hard working student, fluent in English and is very smart.

He has been selected to participate in 6th edition of the South American Business Forum (SABF), Argentina on August 6th 2010. SABF is the only international student run business conference in South America, in which 100 leaders students are brought together to discuss social and political current issues, developing ideas and possible solutions. The selection is based on the presentation of an essay related to a central topic, and this year more than 2400 students registered, 550 applications were sent with the necessary essay and only 100 students were chosen to attend the event.

Hamza was the first to be chosen from the Arab World based on his essay “The importance of students using their voice to make a difference in shaping public policy” .

Unfortunately, the SABF organization cannot provide financial aid to cover his travel expenses to and from Argentina (though the accommodation expenses are all covered).

Therefore an airplane ticket is needed which costs (1,200 JDs) before August 1.

If you or someone you know can be a sponsor then you can pass the money to me or even better if you know an airline that can get the ticket for Hamza.

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