Provide Iftar and Play with the Orphans

Ramadan is starting next week, and there is no better opportunity to support the Orphans in Jordan than during this month.

This is your chance to donate, volunteer and have fun under one tent!

IBDAA Association is planning to establish a tent on Al Madina Al Tebiayah street in Ramadan, our target is the following:

1. Host 150 orphans on daily basis from the beginning to the end of the Holy month.

2. Iftar will be offered to them , for those who live out side Amman transportation will be arranged for.

3. competitions and quizzes will be prepared for them after Iftar.

4. The kids will also perform to us whatever they know , such as singing acting, etc. This will help us to pick up the talented ones. This is of course our main aim, to support them and put them on the right track.

5. To fulfill our project we need support and sharing of every one, the cost of each meal will be 4 Jds.

6. Part of the money will be used to buy clothes for the kids we host.It will be also used for making food parcels for the families, each food parcel is estimated to cost 25 Jds.

7. At the end of the month we buy the Eid’s clothes for all the kids we host.

8. Volunteer with your time and come have fun with the kids.

9. Donate toys and school bags.

Location: Go to the end of Mecca Street towards Al Madina Tebyyeh (Medical city circle), turn right on the circle as if going to City Mall, the tent is on the right hand side next to the Mosque.

To Donate:

Account details :

Housing Bank of Jordan

Name: جمعية ابداع الخيرية

Number: 025 243616 0102


Branch : Abdoun

Western Union:

(Ali Dahmash or Maha Darwish)

For more information, please contact Maha Darwish at 079-5588184.

Note: Picture courtesy of The Jordan Times


  1. Bilal

    August 7, 2010

    Ali, Allah ya3teek al3afieh.

    Are u sure about the directions? shouldn’t it be Medical City Street, Keep Zain on your right hand?

    • admin

      August 7, 2010

      You are absolutely correct man, thanks for point out that. I corrected the directions

  2. هند

    August 9, 2010

    Hi Ali
    Great work here

    But I don’t think the directions are corrected yet.
    When Zein is on our right hand, the circle is behind us. And that particular circle (the 8th) doesn’t have a tunnel!

    Would like to know how to attend these Iftars if I want to donate.


    • admin

      August 10, 2010

      Hi Hend, if Zain is on your right hand side and you are heading towards city mall, there is a mosque on your right hand side just before the medical city tunnel. you can drop by to give your donations during Iftar time

  3. asma ben lachhab

    August 9, 2010

    Ali, est ce qu´il y´a un compte bancaire où on peut envoyer des virement de temps en temps. J´aimerai bien. Allah maakom.


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