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Today everyone is talking about the Jasmine Revolution that swiped Tunis. It came to a surprise not only to the Arab world that has been suffering from the lack of political and social freedom but also to the rest of the world.

Angela Shah was so kind to give me this opportunity to express my opinion on Time magazine.

Her article The Tunisia Effect: Will Its “Hunger Revolution” Spread? was published this Sunday.

No group is watching the events unfold in Tunisia more closely than fellow Arabs, most of whom live under autocratic governments and are feeling the same economic pinches of bleak job prospects and high food prices. Ali Dahmash, an activist who runs a social media agency in Amman, called it a “hunger revolution.” Says Dahmash, “This is not just about politics and having a kind of freedom of speech or religion. This came out of despair. It was because of the economy.”

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