Fadi & Muath

Fadi and Muath are brothers who are studying at Phildephia University. They are A students living in Irbid and studying IT and Networking. But Fadi and Muath do not have a national ID number, they are treated as non Jordanians while their mother is a Jordanian citizen. Not having a national ID number doesn’t make them less Jordanian than anyone else, but it also means they can’t go to public universities. They can only study at expensive private universities.

Their father is deceased, their mom works all day and night to help the family. When the young men go to Amman to see their friends, they come back to Irbid to fix computers to cover their expenses. Fadi is graduating this year, so how can one not offer a hand of help.

A generous donor, a Jordanian living in Asia offered to cover, so on Thursday I went to pay the tuition for both Fadi and Muath. The mom called me yesterday and told me that her productivity at work has improved 100% once she knew that some of her worries (her kids tuition) was covered!

But both young men still need (1,000 JDs) to finish the tuition for this year. I also urge anyone who has a part time job related to IT and Networking to contact me at [info] [at undermyolivetree dot com]. Fadi should graduate this year and he will be needing a full time job very soon.

Below are the receipts:

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