Fadi and I

Today I went to the “Al Munasara Islamic Zakat Committee for Palestinian People” to adopt Fadi, a four year old Palestinian child who is an Orphan. His dad died on December 29 during the War on Gaza by Israeli air planes. I didn’t adopt the child by the norm means but by being responsible for his expenses until he becomes 18 years old. Fadi has 4 brothers and 2 sisters and the family needs financial support.

The money paid is 25 JDs or $35 monthly, which is less than what I spend on my morning coffee at Starbucks or Costa. The money is deposited in the Housing Bank and then transferred to the account of the Bank in the West Bank or Gaza where it is delivered to another committee responsible for giving the money to the family. You can support any kid under the age of 18 in the West Bank and Gaza. After you chose the child, you are given his/her file with the picture, birth certificate, death certificate of the parents, full name, address, school, and even his/her hobbies. Many of these kids lost both their parents and live in foster homes.

I personally chose this child who lost his dad in the War, so I will never forget what Israel did to 3,000 innocent children in Palestine. You can sponsor as many children as you want, and you can pay monthly, quarterly or yearly installments. You can also give money to children in Palestine without the need of adopting any child.

When I was there, a middle age Iraqi man came and paid 300JDs (1 year support) after adopting a child. Another young man came and paid anonymously to the children’s fund.

I urge anyone who can spare 25JDs a month to check the committee and help as much as possible.

The address is:
Jabal Al Hussien

Go straight after the Ministry of Industry and Trade traffic light, pass the Chinese Restaurant, first building on your right hand side. 1st Floor.

Tel: 962-6-5697461

Email: monasara@go.com.jo

Payment method: Cash or Cheque

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