Eyad Health Condition – Update

This is an update on Eyad’s health condition. A few weeks ago, a large spot of cancer behind his heart has been discovered by CT scan. The cancer is currently putting pressure on the Artery and it requires a surgery. The doctors at the Royal Medical Center refused to do the operation because it is very risky. I then took Eyad to the King Hussein Cancer Center to be assessed by the Doctors there but they also refused his case.

His parents didn’t lose hope yet, they contacted Hadasa Hospital in Jerusalem and they have consulted an American and an Israeli doctor. This requires Eyad to go to Jerusalem as the Doctors said they will do some tests and then operate on Eyad. But the problem is that Eyad and his family hold a Palestinian Authority Passport from Gaza. Eyad’s father applied for a permit to go back to Gaza passing thru Israel where they can enter Gaza from the Eretz border. They are not allowed to sleep in Israel but only to pass thru. They are expected to leave Amman tomorrow as soon as they get the permit.

The trip to Gaza would look something like this, take a Taxi cab from Amman to the Jordan Valley border crossings. They will have to wait several hours as soon as they cross the Jordan River into Israel, where they will be interrogated by Israeli army. After that, they will take another Taxi to go to Jerusalem which is considered Israeli territory and not the West Bank. From there, they will take another transportation and take the Jerusalem – Tel Aviv Highway and head south to Eretz Border crossings. I’m not sure how long that will take, but it’s not an easy trip for any 6 year old kid who has cancer.

In Gaza, they will apply to receive another permit to go to Jerusalem and meet the doctors in Hasada. They will apply at the special patient section in Israel where Israel usually grant permits for sick Palestinians and very special cases (Better than many Arab countries, something we should give Israel credit for). Once they reach Jerusalem, then they are not allowed to stay there unless Eyad is going to be operated or will be subjected to Chemotherapy treatment. Eyad and his parents can enter Israel to do tests and CT scans until the doctors approve the operation.

The Palestinian Authority refuses to sponsor Eyad’s expenses if he will be treated inside Israel. But luckily, there are great people out there who are ready to help. I have collected a good sum of money for Eyad’s treatment but the cost of treatment and surgeries is very high in Hadasa since it’s considered the best in the region. I’m currently contacting the Palestinian Children Relief Fund (An American Organization that treats sick and injured Palestinian Children across the globe). Hopefully they can sponsor Eyad.

I went to see Eyad on Wednesday and he seemed ok but weak and had darker skin because of the chemo therapy. I gave some of the contribution to his parents which will cover their travel expenses back to Gaza. I visited him once again on Saturday as he had (40 C or 104 F) fever since Thursday. Thank God the antibiotics he took started working and his temperature went down. I also visited him because I wanted to give him Toys (Teddy bear & cars) from my American friend Tom in Florida. Tom kids also sent a letter to Eyad which I forgot to read and translate in Arabic! I guess I have to go today too to read the letter.

Below are some pictures from yesterday. Eyad was so happy and thrilled as he never owned a teddy bear. He was so cute and polite, notice how he is standing, while receiving his gifts. Eyad told me he wants to go to the mall and also he wants to go back to Gaza as he misses playing with older siblings! The kid is so funny and has lots of dignity!

God Bless him and bless your contributions!


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