Every Dinar Counts!

Eyad Sami Zendah is a 6 year old boy from Gaza who is suffering from Lung and Hip cancer. He has been under treatment for 4 years now and have had a few operations in Gaza and Pakistan.

He is currently in the Hussein Medical Center and has taken 6 chemotherapy sessions and still need another 5. His mom and dad have been with him in Amman for 6 months and are expected to stay another 6. The father had to sell his Taxi in Gaza to spend the money on his kid’s treatment and is looking for a job in Amman. He holds a Palestinian Authority passport.

The Palestinian Authority stopped supporting them financially because of the high cost of treatment the past 4 years. The doctor treating him in Jordan is Dr. Isam Haddadin and every Chemo session costs 340JDs therefore if you have anything to give kindly contact me ASAP. You can also help by finding a job for the father.

Please spread the word.

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