“Development, Inequality and Mobility in Amman”-Research Contribution


“Development, Inequality and Mobility in Amman”-Research Contribution

Students of Under My Olive Tree have managed to contribute to a research conducted by Dr.Luna Khrifan –Associate Professor at the University of Waterloo- . The students have managed to organize and represent a focus group representing a sample of local community of less privileged areas in Amman and nearby governorates.

This research project is titled: “Development, Inequality and Mobility in Amman”. The objective of the research study was to investigate the relationship between urban development and the disparity, inequality, and mobility in Amman the capital of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan.

Students investigated the impacts of large scale urban development projects such as the Amman Gate Towers and the Abdali Project, and how Amman’s various sub-communities relate, or do not, to these projects. But most importantly,  the “why” and the “how” of the relation or lack thereof.

The discussion has also the mobility of Amman’s inhabitants within their city and to the permanent (social mobility by changing neighborhoods), and the reasons and mechanisms that regulate them.

The data collection for this research project depends on three primary sources of data:
  1. Interviews with major decision makers —these interviews have been conducting over the past years.
  2. An ongoing on-line survey questionnaire that is currently being marketed on Facebook (please see: https://www.facebook.com/fortheloveofamman?ref=hl).
  3. Focus groups that targeted the under represented groups in the on-line survey questionnaire (i.e the residents of East and South Amman and, also, women).

Under My Olive Tree was honored not only to contribute in such noteworthy survey but also because of  the talented students in it’s educational program and the level of maturity and great input they’ve shown.





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