Dahlan Travel – Thank You!

The story of Eyad has always touched my heart very deeply because of my involvement with the family for 2 years now.

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I am persistent to support the family even after the loss of Eyad. Luckily Abu Eyad was able to find a good Taxi car to support his family. The taxi costs 1,200 JDs. I have already gathered 400 JDs from donors and sent it to Gaza last month so he can buy the cab.

Abu Eyad still needed money to cover the cost and he was about to loose his cab to the guy he bought it from. So I posted a request on Twitter to help the family.

Five minutes later, I receive a direct message from @DahlanTravel will sponsor 400JDs. Not only this, but Dahlan Travel decided to donate 1JDs of every ticket sold to Under My Olive Tree.

This is just wonderful! True CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility)

I’m looking forward for more coaperation with Dahlan Travel

Also, today I received another 200JDs to cover the Taxi’s cost.

(Receipt of the money transfer to Gaza from Dahlan Travel)

Dahlan accounts on



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