Want to become @Citizen_Jo ?

We have launched a new initiative on Twitter called #CitizenJo. The objective is to encourage people to share every day something positive they did on that day.

We believe we have reached a point that most of the activism is being done online. Therefore the people of Jordan can share something good they did to a friend, stranger, at work, at home, in the street, anything. Then come to Twitter and post it online.

A simple example, will be respecting the smoke ban in malls or recycling the garbage, it can be anything.

The Twitter account is http://twitter.com/Citizen_Jo and the hash tag used is #CitizenJo

Let’s spread positive vibes for a better Jordan!

It’s simple!


  1. haitham

    October 27, 2011

    it`s a v v good idea

    I hope ppl won`t belittle it!

    thx 4 the initiative.

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