1. البرنامج التعليمي | المنحة الجامعية | تحت شجرة الزيتون

    مقدمة عن المنحة تؤمن شركة تحت شجرة الزيتون بأهمية تمكين الشباب كمفتاح لتمكين المجتمعات، وتؤمن بأهمية استغلال طاقات الشباب وقدراتهم في تمكين مجتمعاتهم ونقلها من مستوى لآخر أفضل. لذلك فإنها دائما تسعى لتزويد الشباب بالفرص والأدوات والمهارات والحقوق الأساسية التي يفتقدونها نتيجة التهميش والإقصاء. وبما أن لدى الشركة قناعة راسخة...
  2. UMOT holds “Health Support Team” training

    On the 18th and 19th of March, Under My Olive Tree and the HST team (Health Support Team), in collaboration with Ruwwad, held a training for community members and social and youth workers who work with refugees or with people dealing with trauma to support mental health needs during and...
  3. February 2013 activity – Education Program

    The activity within the Education Program for the month of February was further training on “CV Writing.” The session was given at Under My Olive Tree offices by Mohammad Irshaid and Dina Batshon. The students afterwards took the time to work on a personal CV for each of them to...
  4. Public Schools Tuition – Ruwwad

    Back in September we reached out to you for our Back to School Campaign through Ruwwad that covers the fees of non-Jordanian students from various schools surrounding Ruwwad. Half of the fees have been collected and paid for the first semester but another 6 thousand JDs are still in need...
  5. January 2013 activities – Education Program

    The new year started with a busy month for our Education Program students. Students within the program receive a full scholarship for their university education, covering their entire fees till graduation. They also receive various training courses and are supported in finding internship opportunities that provide them with the needed...

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