1. Ramadan Iftar Tent For Orphans 2014

    At the 8th circle, next to Ministry of IT and communication, stands a big white tent for it’s annual presence welcoming orphan kids and all age groups of volunteers from all around the kingdom. under the name of Ramadan Iftar tent ( Mawaed AlRahman ) and in collaboration with Under...
  2. Support Um Baha’ in growing her business.

    Um Baha’-Sustainable Project Um Baha’ came to us with the idea of starting her own small business from home. She started earlier in 2013 with the first micro-finance loan we provided her with. Her idea was to buy a few goats and use them in trade to buy and sell...
  3. Heba-Eye Cancer Survivor

    Heba-Eye Cancer Survivor Heba is a 19 years old cancer patient so called a cancer “survivor” her medical case is one of a kind in Jordan, she has lost both of her eyes due to the furious battle of cancer. Heba fought a noble fight and learned BRAILLE language, proceeded...
  4. January\February 2014 activities- Education Program

    January 2014 was a kick-start, Under My Olive Tree cooperated once again with Modern Language Center – Weibdeh, enrolling 5 of UMOT students in an extensive English language course over one month.       In February 2014, an Introductory session was held for UMOT students, the session took place...
  5. Retal – Humanitarian Case

    Retal is a 4 months daughter of an Egyptian chef in Jordan. She has a rare disease where her skull is not growing while her brain is. She needs an operation in Egypt that costs 22,000 Egyptian pounds. The father collected 900US$ and is missing 1,550US$ (1,100JDs). If we do...

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