Back to University Campaign 2012

Urgent tuition for 2011 -2012 fall semester that needs to be covered

Today we began our “Back to University” campaign for the 2011-2012 fall semester.

The following are university tuition for students living in Jordan. Donors can pay at the University or contact us []. Tuition must be paid before October 1st.

More cases of students will be posted soon.

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Jawdat[500JDs covered]

Al Israa University: 1,010 JDs – First year

Credit hours: 15

Major: Accounting


Al Zaytouneh University: 785 JDs graduation semester

Major: Nursing


Princes Sumaya University of Technology: 735 JDs graduation semester

Major: Programing Engineering

Abdel Raouf[Covered]

Balqa Applied University: 900 JDs First year

Major: Mechanical Engineering

Jalila: [Covered]

Balqa Applied University: 471 JDs graduation semester

Credit hours: 15

Current grade: 80%


Balqa Applied University: 320 JDs, first year


Abbas is an orphan

Philadelphia University: 1,160 JDs for Fall course 2012

Credit hours: 15

Current grade: 90%

Fadi: [Covered]

Philadelphia University: 261 JDs, to graduate 


Philadelphia University: 254 JDs for the previous summer course and 1,488 JDs for this semester – 3rd year


  1. hamza Taha

    September 10, 2011

    Hi Ali,

    thanks for the great initiative.

    Can you please keep on updating the list and highlight cases that have already been paid for (maybe by marking them in red).

    I am in discussion with a group of friends and we will see what I can collect .

    Expect to hear from me in a week

  2. admin

    September 12, 2011

    Hi Hamza, sure we are already updating it 🙂

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