Back to University 2 – 2012

We have successfully finished our first round of the Back to University Campaign and fully paid the fees of the student we previously introduced you to.

Abbas, Abdel Raouf, Aya, Jawdat, Maysa, Muath, Odai and Tayseer. They all start university this week due to your many generous donations for each and every one of them. We have received numerous emails asking about each student and their needs to support them, and for that both we and the students are very thankful.

Today we announce another number of students in dire need of your support. Most of them will enter university for the first time this semester. These students will lose their university seat if their fees are not paid as soon as possible. So we need you our reader to help, if not financially then by sharing this and making sure it reaches anyone who can help. Our new education program will ensure that students get needed training and courses as well as do community work throughout the period of their education. You can choose to help one student throughout their 4 years at university and get in contact to know their story and stay up to date with their grades or do a one time donation to go into the account of any student you select.

The students are:

= Dina is Jordan’s literary stream’s 6th top student with a GPA of 98%. She will be entering Jordan universiy this year studying her chosen major of Languages (English and Spanish). With no Jordanian ID getting a seat at university was not an easy task, although we personally believe that with her 98% she deserves a full governmental scholarship. Her fees add up to 336JD for this semester.

= Haleema lives in Jerash Camp and has no Jordanian ID. Her excellent GPA of 95.5% in the literary stream got her a seat but not a scholarship at Jordan University same as Dina. Haleema’s mother has left them and she now lives with her father and his new wife as they attempt to rebuild the family. She will be studying Languages as well with her fees adding up to 336JD.

Ahmad too lives in Jerash Camp with no Jordanian ID. Coming from a family of 18 members his chances at receiving an education automatically goes down to zero, but he is willing to work hard for his Computer Science seat at Yarmouk University. He graduated with a GPA of 81.8% from the IT stream. His fees add up to 660JD this semester.

= Lara got accepted at the Hashemite University, Electrical engineering major. She graduated this year from the scientific stream with a GPA of 94.5%. The parent’s financial situation and income does not allow them to pay for Lara to go to university especially that the Hashemite University is in Zarqa and away from their home. Lara needs support with her fees of 650JD.

= Suhaib is starting with his Accounting major this semester at Al-Bayt University. He graduated with a GPA of 97.5% from the IT stream. The families low income can not cover the education of all 7 children and Suhaib is very keen on continuing his education and getting his accounting degree. Suhaib’s fees are 519JD

= Dalia starts her finance and banking major at the Jordan University of Science and Technology this semester after graduating with a GPA of 74.3% from the IT stream. Dalia’s father has left the family and now the mother is responsible for supporting herself and her 4 children. Dalia’s older brother and sister are studying and working hard at the same time to be able to chip in the house’s needs and each others’ education. Dalia’s fees are 302JD.

Ali is an Iraqi refugee whose parents are not allowed to work in Jordan. Ali studies at the Jordan University and is the first in his major with a GPA of 3.67. Ali pays as an international student and needs to cover fees of 1030 for this semester.

=Bara’a will start studying Management of heritage resources this semester at the Hashemite University. She graduated with a GPA of 73.3% from the IT stream. She is the first among her 6 brothers and sisters to graduate from Tawjihi and is very eager to continue her education. Her fees add up to 260JD this semester.

All school certificates and needed documents for the students are available per request if any of you are interested in sponsoring a student or donating any amount for their education. Please do not hesitate to contact us at for more information. Every single one of these students deserves an education and an opportunity that has unjustly been taken from them due to political or economic reasons that are beyond their control. Support their right at an education now.



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