Back to School Campaign 2012

Last year, we managed to cover the full year tuition of 250 students who were non Jordanians in Jabal al Natheef (click here for more info). This year we are doing it again but we need your help.

There are 340 students who are:

  • Egyptian
  • Palestinian
  • Syrian

Tuition for the full year 2011/12:

Grade 1 -10: 40 JDs, doesn’t include books or school bags

Grade 11-12: 60 JDs, doesn’t include books or school bags

We have the following students:

  • Grade 1- 10: 237 students: 9,480 JDs
  • Grade 11-12: 46 students: 2,760 JDs [Covered]
  • Tawjihi exam registration fees: 57 students: 1,140 JDs [Covered]

Name of students, schools and classes are available upon request.

We also accept school bags, pencil cases and books

We are also still running the Back to University Campaign 2011 (click here for more info)

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