AC, Washer and a few JDs

I posted a few weeks ago about some urgent cases in Jabal Al Natheef, click here But to make things easier for anyone who is interested, here is a simple overview:

1. Washer An old woman needs a simple electric washer that has a door from the top. It costs 100JDs, found it in Carefour, you can buy it and deliver it to Ruwwad or the old lady.

2. AC: The medical center in Jabal Al Natheef needs an AC, can be used but in good condition. I can deliver it, let me know

3. Any monterey help for the cases included here (click)


  1. Dominick Chee

    August 3, 2010

    800 kindred souls gone,human misery at its worst. As an Indian my heart goes to all those brothers and sisters who have lost their dear ones. May God give them the courage to brave this calamity.

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