Abu Zain

Zain is 8 years old, he is one of the smartest kids I have seen in Jordan. He has a mirror memory, he sees a picture for a moment and then draws a copy of it on paper. He is also a genius with numbers, give him any long number and multiply it by any number and he will give you the answer instantly. The dad is very smart too, he can speak sentences back word, for example (family = ylimaf) and Zain will say the whole sentence in the right order!

Zain is the youngest, his dad has lost both his legs to a disease, his mom has cancer. The family needs empowerment.

Abu Zain wants to open a shop where he can work and support his family and his kids education. He found a shop in Wiebdeh and took 1,000 JDs debit to rent it. But Abu Zaid needs a total of 2,000 JDs to finish his small project. He will pay back his debit when his shop open its doors.

The shop will cost:

3,000 JDs (Rent, electricity meter, decorations, AC)

2,000 JDs (clothes)

700 JDs (shelves, others)

so any donations will be great!

Contact us if you would like to empower this family [info@undermyolivetree.com]

Documents will be provided


  1. Marwan Sharaiha

    May 21, 2011

    Hey Ali,

    I’d like to give you the credit of having a beautiful hear to help people deliver. But the entire concept of donating is a dying one. My advice to Mr. Abu Zain, is to do the following.

    – Contact National Micro-finance Bank in Jordan http://www.nmb.com.jo/

    – They can secure the funding easily as they are getting help from Kiva.com

    Donation will not help build this person intellectually, he’ll become even more dependent on donation to develop his life. Loans are better. Kiva is a wonderful concept and has other people loaning money out to small projects through out the middle east.

    Check out Middle East requested Loans here:

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