A trip with cancer patients

I was lucky today to leave the tension in Amman and head to the DeadSea with more than 100 cancer patients and their families. The trip was organized by the Jordan Cancer Society that was founded in 1965. It was a great opportunity to meet such wonderful people who consider a 1 day trip in the warm spring sun is worth a million words.

The youngest cancer patient was Mohammad who is 5 years old and the oldest was Nada who is a 75 year old woman in a wheel chair who has no family at all. She leaves the house once ever year, to come to this trip!

Hiba, who is my favorite of all was there too. I have known Hiba for more than a year now, both of her eyes were removed because she had cancer. Hiba is extremely smart, vibrant and she has 2 wishes in her life:

1. Finish her education

2. Meet his majesty the King

I also met Munira who is not a cancer patient but an amazing person who lost her husband to a car accident and lost 2 daughters! (I couldn’t ask her how she lost her 2 daughters) She has given her life to charity and volunteering. She is an optimist and loves life!

In the bus, I met Sadine, who is 5 or 6 years old. Sadine…well…how can I say this, has a disability in her face.

After serving breakfast in the bus, we arrived at the Deadsea. My friend @Akrum Idrees, who has been volunteering like myself since 8:30 (God Bless you man!), carried Nada and drove her on the wheel chair to the pool area! Trust me, it wasn’t an easy ride!

After settling down, music began, kids went swimming, and everyone was dancing in the warm sun after a rainy cold week!

Then 3 of my cool volunteer friends came all the way from Amman to give a hand, they are @Omar Biltaji, @Mahmoud Lattouf, and @Hamzeh Lattouf, thank you guys!

During lunch, Nada and another lady who has difficulties walking were served food at the pool and not at the restaurant. I was happy to serve them. I thought the other lady was in her 60’s then found out that she is much younger than that as her 4 kids who were about 10-14 years taking care of their mom very passionately. She told me “The most important thing in life is your health, so take care of it”

After lunch, presents were given to the patients.

We left at 5PM and the families thought it was too early 🙂 Mahmoud had to drive Nada on the wheel chair up the hill back to the bus. God Bless!

I have no words to describe how should one appreciate the small things we are fortunate to have in our lives, so I will leave you with the pictures to do so!

(Hiba dancing)

(Hiba and her family)

(Akrum & Omar: volunteers)

(Myself, Hamzeh, Mahmoud & Akrum: volunteers)

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